Rocklogger updated to v1.4

A new version of Rocklogger has been posted to the Android Market.

This is the long-awaited stereonet plotter!


This update was a considerable amount of work, involving much consultation with geologists, and many iterations of the user interface. All up it has involved over a month’s work (part time), which is why it is restricted to paid users only. I hope you find it incredibly useful!

-v1.4 19-08-11

  • Stereonet plotting. Plot records from log files as poles or planes on a stereonet (paid only)
    • Filter records by plane type
    • Each plane type is plotted in a different colour, including user-defined planes
    • Draw poles or planes on the stereonet by touching or using the sliders. Use this to find intersections of planes or trends of pole clusters
  • Sensor averaging. Adjust how fast sensor values are updated on screen via the new option in settings
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