An important lesson in localisation

I recently moved to Germany for a working holiday (software and GPS work for a research institute).

One odd thing I noticed is that in Germany, copyright to the word gmail belongs to some guy who registered the name back in 2000. The effect of this is that gmail is called Google Mail here. What was strange was that the gmail app on my phone changed its name, by itself, to Google Mail.

Back to Rocklogger, and an important lesson in localisation. In Germany and many other European countries, decimal numbers use commas instead of points, eg 5,3 instead of 5.3.
This meant that whenever Rocklogger saved a log on a European-localised phone, extra commas corrupted the CSV tables meaning recorded data couldn’t be used by the stereonet plotter, maps, or anything else.

An update is about to be posted, which replaces occurrences of ,s with .s in number strings.

Note that my Australian phone didn’t change localisation and have this problem, it only renamed gmail.

PS: German users can look forward to a German translation in the coming weeks!

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