Rocklogger Updated to 1.95

Phone sensors sent to watchThis update introduces a new Android Wear companion app. It allows you to log remotely from either your phone or your watch, using the sensors in either.

The image on the left shows the apps connected to each other and logging in dip/strike mode. The white phone & watch icon (below the GPS location on the phone, and below the strike line on on the watch) indicates which sensors are being used. In this case, the phone sensors are being relayed on the watch.

You can switch sensors from the menu button -> ‘Remote Logging Mode’ on the phone (hidden if your watch isn’t currently paired), or by swiping right on the watch. From this menu you can also use voice recognition to remotely change the rock type or log comment.

You can save the record from either device, and the record will be stored in the current log file on the phone as normal.

When logging on your phone, the wear app starts automatically. You can also start logging from your watch – change the remote mode to launch the app on your phone.

If you prefer logging with the stereonet, the wear app shows it too:

Round watch showing stereonet

If you don’t have a Wear watch, you can also log remotely using a wired headset button to trigger the save.

Note: the free version of Rocklogger demos this functionality, but you need to upgrade to be able to save records.

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