New app: Connected Timer synchronises timers across nearby devices

create timetable countdown on many

Connected Timer lets you create a timetable with named intervals, and have it count down on multiple devices at once.

Create the timetable and enter each interval and duration. Then, join the timetable on other devices by running the app, and selecting the timetable when it appears. Start the timetable from any device, and they will all count down together.

You could use it to:

  • Run concurrent one-on-one interviews or exams with multiple stations
  • Set up intervals for team fitness training
  • Co-ordinate a round robin tournament

Connected Timer uses Nearby services to discover timetables on devices that are within earshot. Once the device has joined the timetable, Nearby is no longer needed and the countdowns will continue if the devices are moved apart.

Upgrade to:

  • Pause and resume across all devices in the countdown
  • Message all devices in the countdown
  • Reuse timetables from recent history

Connected Timer

Get it on Google Play

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