Rocklogger updated to 1.6

This update lets paid users display a live stereonet plot while logging (either in addition to, or instead of the normal dip/strike symbol). It plots as a pole or plane depending on the plane type (orientation logging mode). The normal orientation mode has been renamed to planar, but axial is still the same. This orientation is now also included in the CSV file. The plane type/orientation also changes how records are plotted in the main stereonet plotter.
There are also some improvements to the stereonet plotter UI, as well as the ability to import as well as export from the GMail & Google Drive apps (and others).

Full changes:

-v1.6 21-06-12
-Renamed the normal orientation logging mode to planar.
This orientation is now included in the CSV, in the format planar:<planetype> or axial:<planetype>
-Added the option to display a live stereonet plot while logging. Displays as a plane when logging in planar orientation mode, and as a pole when in axial (paid only)
-Improvements to the stereonet UI, including better freehand plot buttons, plotting of the average by default, and warning messages when attempting to plot conflicting plane types
-You can now import logs directly from the GMail or Google Drive app (must have extension ‘.dips.csv‘). You can also send records to Goolge Drive
via the ‘Send log’ function in Rocklogger (renamed from ‘Email log’)
-Saving using the last known location will try the GPS location if the fix is less than 1 hour old, then try the Network location if it is less than 15 minutes old
-Phone now vibrates to alert when a GPS fix is first found

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