Rocklogger updated to v1.2

A new update has been posted to the Android Market. It adds a camera mode, and the ability to view and save in quadrant mode instead of azimuth. There are a few caveats with taking photos, but there are workarounds (see below):

New features in v1.2:

  • Camera mode. Easily take photos using the camera, and have the photos saved with your .csv files. Thumbnails are shown in the edit screen, and the files are automatically attached when you email a log.
    • IMPORTANT: Due to the wide variety of Android devices, photo capture may not work correctly for everyone. Please report any problems using the button in settings.
    • Also note that every photo taken will also always be saved to the DCIM directory (so just remember you may have to delete these duplicates from time to time).
    • Finally, it may take a long time to display images you have just taken when you try to open them using the Gallery. This is because the media scanner hasn’t scanned them yet. Try another image viewer (eg ASTRO, QuickPic)
  • Quadrant mode. Choose to view and record in quadrant mode (eg N45°W) instead of azimuth
Update: There was a performance problem when scrolling through many photos in the edit view. A new update, v1.21, has been posted that fixes this.
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