Rocklogger update posted to market

A new version of Rocklogger has been posted to the Android market.

Key new features of v1.1 include:

  • Plot records on a map, showing location, strike and dip angle, using standard map symbols
  • View records in a list, where you can delete specific records, or copy them to clipboard
  • Unique map symbols for S0, S1, S2, L1, L2 plane types, and for magnetic and GPS only records
  • Rationalised the magnetic logging mode to use magnitude only, as 3 magnetic vectors are unnecessary. This has also resulted in a slight re-arrangement of the .csv format
  • Paid version records both dip & dip direction and dip & strike when in either dip mode

Being able to instantly review recorded data, either in the list view or on a map, should be of great use to most people. The map plotting in particular has some interesting features:
When several records are too close together, they are grouped into a disc icon, with the number of records nearby written on the icon.
If you want to see what’s ‘inside’ the the icon, you can tap on it to show the nearby records in a list view, or you can tap menu-> show more points to increase the distance between records before they are grouped.

I hope you enjoy the new features.

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