Rocklogger Updated to 1.9

This update introduces the ability to plot records on custom basemaps, which you can load from a number of sources (paid only):
-Web map tiles, eg Open Street Maps
-MapBox/RMaps database
-Hierarchical z/x/y directory of tile images
-Zip file of the same directory structure

Edit: See Adding custom basemaps to Rocklogger for details

You can also send log files via NFC from the map, stereonet and edit screens, which is useful eg to send logs to a tablet for easier interpretation while offline. If there are photos in the log, they are transferred via Android Beam (using Bluetooth), otherwise the log file itself is transferred instantly.

Full changes:

-v1.9 27-01-13

-Plot logs on alternate basemaps from various sources including MapBox, zip files and the web (paid only)
-Share logs via NFC from map, stereonet and edit screens (useful when offline)
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